Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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Today was one of those boring video days. So, instead of watching Squanto: A Warrior's Tale again, I decided to surf the Internet.

Now, before you go thinking that I was neglecting my subbing duties, let me explain. The computer was in the front of the room. I was at a perfect vantage point: I could access the computer and watch the kiddies at the same time. And it gets really, really boring watching the same movie over and over. I need something to keep me awake and alert.

I looked at all the things I usually look at when I'm online. (All the while keeping after this one boy who just would not sit still. I was multitasking.) Then I started surfing blogs, and somehow I ended up on this website.

I've discovered that it's really addictive. Well, it was better than watching that boy reach into his backpack again (something he would stop doing when he saw my eyes on him). So, anyway, I thought I'd share.

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