Friday, November 9, 2007

Annoying Poll

I don't usually answer the phone unless it's someone I know. (I love caller ID.) But unfortunately, one of my callers is always an "unknown caller", so when that popped up today I unthinkingly picked it up.

I should have known better. It was the wrong time of day for a call from someone I knew.

I got suckered into responding to some sort of marketing poll. Even my phones didn't want me to continue. I went through two handsets going all "low battery" on me (and beeping throughout the way-too-long questionnaire). But persist we did.

I covered 8th grade history today. They were doing a read-aloud-and-answer-questions thing. They read better than this guy on the phone with me. It was painful.

Revenue. The 8th graders could have said it (they were able to pronounce much harder words today). The guy on the phone? He pronounced it re-venue. So, I sat there, correcting my living room.

That's what I get for picking up the phone. I should let all calls go to voicemail.

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  1. i always get caught and something in me trying to be nice gets me into 20 minutes of on a scale of 1 to 7 with 7 being highest.those things are a "pain in the ass."


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