Friday, November 16, 2007

"Greatest" Hits

It's been a little slow lately. I've been working; it's just that my jobs haven't been all that interesting. That's a good thing for me (read: easy days), but the blog suffers.

It's not like the time that I had a group of 7th graders steal the phone. This was last school year in a science class. I didn't even notice that the hand receiver had been swiped until after the little darlings had left class. I had the embarrassing task of going to the office and admitting my failing, though I had a list of suspects. During the last period of the day, the school counsellor brought in one of my suspects, and he retrieved the phone from behind an armoire (hey, I looked there!). This teacher is not teaching at that school this year.

Or there was the time that I had a group of 7th graders go "on strike". There was this big brouhaha about some secret assembly. No one in the office gave me a head's up nor was it in the lesson plans. But the kids insisted upon going. I called the other office, and they had no idea that any sort of assembly was occurring. So, we didn't go, and they were upset. They went so far as to write "On Strike" on the back of their math work and hold it up (I got as many of those papers as I could--they were short-sighted enough to have put their names on the fronts of those papers).

Then there was the time that I was giving a final exam for a group of seniors. The teacher had been out all week, so they were so on sub behavior. I could not get testing conditions. And, they had to take the test that day (they were done after this).

I like having these kinds of lulls. It makes up for the more interesting days.

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