Monday, August 20, 2018

Crochet Tails

I've been making lip balm holders for a while now...

 Keyfob Lip Balm Cozy in Orange ~ Crochet Small Pouch Gift for Summer ~ Clipped Cozy Carrier ~ Lip Balm Holder ~ Chapstick Keychain

...and also for the EOS lip balms... 

 Crochet EOS Holder ~ Egg Lip Balm Keyfob ~ Lip Balm Cover Case ~ EOS Holder with Clip ~ Sphere Lip Balm Cozy

Oooh. Now, that's an idea. 

I finally got around to trying it... 

I modified this pattern to fit the lip balm holders I already make.

And I did it in teal blue because it seemed fitting.

I kind of like them. It's a good warm weather project as it's small and it's crochet. (Crochet doesn't make my hands sweat as badly as knitting does.)


  1. Hi Liz - they look fun ... cheers Hilary

  2. How cute. I'll have to show my girl and see if she wants to update hers!

    1. Does she still wear a lanyard? She graduated, right?

  3. How cute. I wonder if there are other little designs that would work well with lip balm holders.

  4. Thank you for the compliment on my eyeglass frames. I bought them off of eBay years ago. They came in the mail with trifocals. ~grin~ You're healthier for moving around, by the way. Be well!

  5. A mermaid tail! Sweet and cute, it is.

  6. The mermaid tail turned out super cute!!!

  7. How delightful are those!

    Have you ever made night-time sleep shades? Saw some on a Christmas show. Back strap has a strip of elastic.

  8. That's so cool. And they look lovely in that colour.

  9. These are so cute. I also would like to point out that teal is the color of sexual abuse survivors. Perhaps a portion of proceeds of the sale of this color mermaid lip balm holder could be donated to an organization who works with such people..or not, if it seems too commercial. But this made me think of Simon Biles and her recent championship, and the outfit she wore.

  10. This is cute and fun. Mermaids can be many colours just like fish


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