Monday, November 13, 2017

Impulse Control

Note: This post was written last Thursday night.

It was Wednesday, late afternoon. I had the whole evening planned out. And then I went on Pinterest...

I saw this pin. (I won't post a picture due to copyright concerns. But it's worth it to go and look. I'll wait...) And I just had to have one. (Link to the blog post the pin is attached to.)

There is no good reason for this. I don't need a little mini crocheted backpack on a keyring. The thing really has no purpose. But it's so cute. And it looks a bit like my EOS lip balm holders, so I knew I had the skills to make one.

And I had the yarn, too. But...

I have other stuff I should be working on. Stuff on deadlines. Seriously. I have a list:
  • I still haven't finished my sister-in-law's birthday present. (The Russian Poncho.) And, um, her birthday was at the end of September.
  • I sold my last unicorn gift card holder weeks ago. I'm in the process of completing two more. As in, all I have left to do is to attach the rest of the rainbow mane. (I've attached the red and orange stripes. All that's left are the yellow through purple stripes.)
  • I have a craft fair on Saturday. And there are things that need I need to get finished for that...
    • I have a hat stand that is part way complete. I need to finish that.
    • I am out of the wreath brooches that I made last year. I want a bunch more of those.
    • As is common for all craft fairs, this one requires a donation. (These things tend to be fundraisers, so part of the price of having a booth is the donation.) After avoiding the obvious, I realized that I had to make a jellyfish. Which I started. I still need to make the tentacles and assemble. 
    • Plus there are a couple odds and ends I'd like to have done in time.
And that doesn't even include the Christmas knitting I should be doing but am not. Ugh.

Right, so knowing this list, did I put the backpack idea aside until at least after Saturday? Of course not.

Here's the pic...

I dropped everything Wednesday night. Finished up on Thursday. Not quite right, though. Those straps are just kinda wrong. 

It's an easy enough fix. Some tearing apart and putting back together. Doable. But not until after the craft fair at minimum. At least I can do that. I think.

As of Sunday night, I have completed the unicorn gift card holders and the hat stands. All that's left of the jellyfish is to give it a face, stuff it, and sew it up. But I still have not touched the wreaths or the Russian Poncho. Sigh. At least I'm making some progress. And I left the mini backpack alone.


  1. Well, you got a few things finished.
    Now you know how it is for some writers - too many ideas. (Not me, I'm always shopping for ideas.)

  2. Well, you've got a lot on your plate. Great that progress is being made though.

  3. Busy lady! "I'll wait..." - cracked me up. Be well!

  4. You're making excellent progress! :)

  5. That mini backpack is cute. Had I any knitting skills whatsoever, I probably wouldn't have been able to set it aside, either.

    Best of luck getting prepped for your craft fair. I have a book fair on Saturday, but getting ready for that is a much less labor intensive process.

  6. Plans have a really frustrating way of becoming undone. I'm glad you're getting there. I hope the craft fair goes well :)

  7. that mini backpack is adorable and I love the orange!

  8. That mini backpack is cute; I can see why you would be drawn to attempt to make one. Did seem like you were able to get some of the projects done that you wanted to.


  9. Hey...I make a lot of things that I DON'T NEED....but are so cute I have to make them anyway! Way to go....they are so cute.

    1. I usually am able to resist if the item has no future home. Not always, though.

  10. No time for the devil at your place. Good luck

  11. Good luck with your craft show tomorrow.

  12. LOL sometimes you need a just because break to keep you motivated for all the other stuff. I did that with a book recently and did an April book even though I have like a million book/blogger things I should have been doing first. But it made me happy :)


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