Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tennis Ball Boys

Some things just become a part of the scenery.

At one of the schools I sub at, there are two boys who have found a way to entertain themselves before school. They kick a tennis ball at each other.

I have not been able to discern the rules of this particular game, but there must be rules, for they've been playing this game just about all year. Every morning. Well, at least every morning that I'm at that school.

The game takes place at the edge of campus. They are right by the gate that leads to the faculty parking lot. So, I see them every morning I'm there. Usually, the tennis ball has been hurled at one or the other of them just as I get through the gate. They pause to let me pass, and then they resume.

At one point, a third boy had joined them. But this week it was back to just the two of them. I wonder if they keep score. If it's a continuing game, or if they start a new one every day.

It's become my morning thing. "Oh, there are the tennis ball boys..."


  1. I guess a tennis ball is more challenging than a soccer ball...

  2. Ha, that's funny. I wonder how this game started.

  3. Replies
    1. But that's the thing. As soon as someone walks through the gate, they stop. They don't chuck the ball again until we've passed. Every. Single. Time. So, I have no fear of getting hit.

  4. Pretty clever way to get some exercise in before the school day begins!


  5. I love the games that kids invent (Eton Wall Game as one extreme example), ours have one at the moment that involves a frisbee and a rugby ball, no idea what the rules are, but they too always stop as an adult walks past (the other kids are fair game to get sconed in the head)

    1. I have no idea if they would go after other kids with the tennis ball. Probably not. But that gate is the one all the adults use, so I wonder if it's ever come up.

  6. At least they're keeping out of trouble!

  7. Good for them for finding something to occupy themselves with.


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