Thursday, August 7, 2014

Crosswalk Stalker

It's #ThrowbackThursday or my repost day. This post originally appeared on January 27, 2010.

It was 3rd period. Biology. I was walking the room, making sure the kiddos were on task.

Basically, I look at each student's desk. I make sure that the book is open and paper is out. If they appear to be working, then I pass by with no comment. If a student is not working, I stop to ask.

I had just about completed my circuit of the room. I asked the last pair of girls if they were going to do any work today (with the implication that their answer should be yes). I waited as the girls looked for books and paper. I was hovering.

"Thank you for bringing this up," one girl said.


The one girl was talking to the other girl, pretty much ignoring me (although my hovering was what prompted the thought): "I feel like those crosswalk guys, you know..."

"Crossing guards?" I offered.

"Yeah, them," she continued, still talking to the other girl. "I feel like crossing guards are my personal stalkers."

Girl 2: "They follow you home?"

Girl 1: "No, but they follow me across the street."

Girl 2: "Not all the way."

Girl 1: "Sometimes they cross all the way."

Girl 2: "They're there to help you."

Girl 1: "But they creep me out..."

I walked away at this point. I was offering nothing to the conversation. And I didn't want to laugh out loud at girl 1. I thought that might be rude.

Sometimes, the stuff that they say...


  1. It's unfortunate that these girls cannot see that the guy that walks them across the street needed a job because he didn't have enough money. I'm sure it wasn't his first choice to be a crossing guard.

  2. LOL, what was the age of the classroom? And did those two ever do any work?


  3. How very self-important of them. And not very bright. I know my kids think I over-explain things to them and have conversations about things they could care less about...but I would hate for them to not understand the function of a crossing guard. Poor things...

    1. Oh, they understood why the crossing guard was there. The one girl... Well, she managed to get me to go away, now, didn't she?

  4. You have such patience! I just have to deal with waking up sleeping people who tell me that they just had their eyes closed and isn't that allowed. I always reply that it's fine to close your eyes but not snoring. Or having to explain to people that because of the architecture of the building about 20 people heard their half of a phone conversation.

  5. So self-obsessed it's not funny. I'm guessing they were sixteen?

  6. Girls are creeped out by everything! Although I will say I'm creeped out by the baggers at Publix who take off with your cart and are SO aggressive about taking your groceries out, making you wrestle the cart from them to take it yourself. I'm weird about people being all up in my space!

    1. Too aggressive is a problem. I prefer my cart wranglers to be polite.

  7. Ignoring you? Little brats! Why am I thinking about the movie "Mean Girls" . They probably get creeped out by any man over the age of 22

  8. Fear of crossing guards. Now there's a phobia I bet doesn't have a name. It's odd that everyone assumes the crossing guards are men. I don't think I've ever seen a male crossing guard, and I don't own a car and walk everywhere.

    VR Barkowski

  9. Cross stalkers--ha! That's a new one.
    I hope you're having a great summer!

  10. LOL. At least she's aware of her surroundings. Except for the teacher hovering over her shoulder.


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