Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Too Hot in Here

"Please make sure you leave your doors closed and your air conditioning running."

The nearby wildfire affected the air quality. At the time the office made that announcement, my classroom door was closed. But the room wasn't all that warm. I saw no need to turn on the air conditioning.

But fifth period was warm.

"They said you had to have the air conditioning on."

The room was at a comfortable room temperature (like 68° or 70°). I was in short sleeves. I have a tendency to run warm (and more often than not am accused of leaving the room freezing), so if I was pretty comfortable, there was no need for air conditioning. I told them no.

"But it's warm in here."

Rather than continue this conversation across the whole class, I joined the boys who were complaining. That's when I noticed their bulky sweatshirts. Which they couldn't remove as they weren't wearing t-shirts underneath.

Bad planning on their part was not a reason for me to have the air conditioning on.

I say it was bad planning, because the forecasted temperature for that day was 86°. The previous day had been just as warm. There was no excuse for dressing like they were expecting a cold snap.

Besides, the minute I would turn on the a/c, I'd get someone complaining it was too cold.

I can't win. So, I no longer play.

(Of course, in sixth period I got warm. Seventh period complained that it was too cold. Sigh.)


  1. Hah! So wait...68 to 70 is the new room temperature? What happened to 74, or my Floridian equivalent of 78? ;) (I would have died the death of freeziness in that classroom.)

  2. Nope, you definitely can't win in those types of situations.

    We have a heat struggle every day at my day job. I like the backroom cold, and since I'm the one who works back there, I think I should get my way. Management only sometimes agrees.

  3. Air conditioning. In the middle of winter. It's twenty degrees here and we just had a snow storm. Freaking California.

  4. Unfortunately, we all don't run well at the same temp. I'm with Crystal; 74 room temp is perfect, maybe even 76...


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