Monday, August 30, 2010

Steggie Progress

Last week I wrote about my next knitting project.  I started work slightly before that post, so I've now been working on the sweater for a little over a week.  I thought I'd comment on my progress.

The body of the sweater is easy enough.  That part is done...

steggie front

As it turns out, the challenging part is on the sleeves.  I got started on this on Saturday.  My progress thus far...

steggie sleeve

The tricky part is those spiky things.  That's why the sleeve (this is the left sleeve) is taking me longer than the body did.  But then again, I think I've gotten the hang of this (I hope!).

Why purple and orange?  My nephew likes orange.  (Although, green is his favorite color.)  And I like the combo of orange and purple.  (I like strange color combinations.)

I think I've done rather well in a little over a week.

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