Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lanyard Envy

I have a district ID.  It's awful.  The picture is worse than the one on my driver's license.  But campus security and all that...

The teachers all have these nifty little lanyards.  They have the school name in the school colors.  I wanted one, sort of.  I would need one for each school.  Wearing the lanyard of the other school would be bad.  There are rivalries to consider.

That's when I decided to make one of my own.  I couldn't find one that I liked (well, that's not true as I didn't look all that hard).  And it was an interesting challenge.

The first one I made turned out to be way too long.  The second one was better.  And then I realized that I could use fluffy novelty yarn.  An idea was born.

(I sell them.  I would put up pictures of the ones I use, but silly me, I never took any.  My shop pics are better anyway.)

I made a bunch in different colors so I could match my different outfits.  And they're fun.  Fun is always a bonus.

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