Monday, March 15, 2010

Daylight Saving Drama

It was third period. They were supposed to be working on essays that they started last week (reflective essays). Instead, they were deep in conversation.

I stood in front of them in hopes that they would notice and maybe start doing the assignment. That's when the conversation came around to the time change.

"What time should it be now?" one of the students asked (not to me but to her peers).

I indicated that the clock in the back of the room had not been changed. (I don't know whose job it is to go around and fix the clocks, but they never get the clock in the room I'm in the day after the time change.)

Then someone else wanted to know if they had gained or lost an hour. I replied that we had lost an hour, but we lost that hour on Sunday. That they weren't buying. Apparently, no one had noticed that the time changed yesterday. They only caught on this morning.

"They wanted to know why I was an hour and 25 minutes late."

"I didn't understand why the time on the cable box and the time on the oven didn't agree."

(To which another student asked: "Which one did you believe?" The answer: "The oven.")

"At least the phones update themselves. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known."

Someone then asked why the whole time change thing occurred. I gave the usual explanation. So, they argued with me about it (like I'm the keeper of the time or something). Luckily, one of the boys realized how ridiculous it was to complain to me, and he suggested that the proper people to complain to were in Congress.

Then discussion turned to the places where they don't change the time, and whether or not they should move there. This is when I walked away, since I had failed to get them back to their essays (sigh).

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