Monday, March 22, 2010

Classroom Decor

Ah, seniors.

It was one of those lovely days where I passed out work and they did it. I didn't get any whining or complaining. And although it took some effort on my part to get them to pay attention to what I had to say (the general instructions at the beginning of the period), once I had their attention, they listened.

It was a government class. The teacher had this on the wall...
C-SPAN American Presidents Timeline
...and I spent the day fascinated by it. (You can also find it here.)

It's hard to tell what it is in this image. All those lines are the lifetimes of all the presidents. The red part on their lines is when they were president. The other colors represent other positions: the military, senator, representative, governor, etc.

I kept going over to the poster to stare. I found it fascinating how the lines overlapped--who was alive when who was president. And then various bars would catch my eye and I'd have to walk over to see what they meant.

Yeah, I know, I'm weird. But stuff like this fascinates me.

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