Friday, November 13, 2009


Yesterday was not a good day.

7th grade. English and history. These were "sheltered" classes--classes with students who know enough English to be out of English language development classes, but who aren't fluent enough to be in regular classes.

I'm not sure if it was just the age. These kids were all over the place.

They were supposed to be listening to someone read "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi" by Rudyard Kipling. Usually that's an easy lesson. They follow along in the book while the CD plays. But they were having none of it.

The first group would not stop talking. I tried my usual tricks: the look, proximity, and flat out telling them to be quiet. I stopped the CD several times. Nothing worked.

"It's boring." "It's too long." These are the usual excuses. It doesn't matter if they don't like the story; they still have to follow along.

Then I had to give them a history test.

The teacher was going to be out for two days. She had two days of good lesson plans. But I was dreading today. The students asked if I was returning, and I told them yes. They groaned. A couple claimed they'd be ditching class today.

But then this morning I got a call. The sub caller needed me for another assignment. Hooray!

I hope today's sub is doing better with them. Maybe they'll like him/her better. Who knows? I'm just happy I didn't have to do battle with them today.

Happy Friday the 13th.

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