Monday, May 30, 2016

Unforeseen Complications

Last week, I showed you the trial glove for the request I had gotten... 

Today, I totally planned on having the final pair to show off. But things didn't go according to plan.

I bought snaps for the closure on the wrist as that's what the pattern called for. I had the bright idea to finish up both wrist bands and sew on the snaps before finishing off the rest of the glove. This was a brilliant move, but not for the reasons I expected.

See, the snaps did not work.

They looked sloppy...

And when you unsnap them, well, they work, but they feel like they're going to tear off.

It's really hard to show this in a picture, but if I could hand this to you and have you unsnap the snaps, you'd see what I mean.

I tried crocheting a bit more on the ends, but that didn't help. And while I started thinking about what to add to reinforce the snaps, I realized that this was way too much work for something that was supposed to be an afterthought at the end of the project.

This is why trying this now was brilliant. I would have lost my mind if I had finished two whole gloves and the snaps didn't work.

Using buttons was suggested. It meant I had to start over, because I would have to put a buttonhole in the wrist band. But as I hadn't gotten much further than the wrist band anyway...

Ah, much better! Of course, that means that I spent Saturday redoing wrist bands rather than finishing gloves. And that means I have no finished gloves to show you (as they haven't been finished yet). But there's always next week.

* * *

And finally, one month short of a year ago, I shared my sister-in-law's GoFundMe with you all. From that post:
Heather, my sister-in-law, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in April 2012. She has an aggressive form of MS, and she needs help for her best treatment option... (Go here for the full post.)
That took her to Panama in July of last year. Since then, I've been trying to get her to do another interview to update you all as to her progress, but with one thing and another...

The GoFundMe has been updated this weekend with what's going on right now...
Short version:
Heather’s health has rapidly declined over the past 4 months. She is currently back in Panama getting another round of stem cell treatments. She’s been there for a week and will be down there for a total of 3 weeks.  
Full update:
February was 6 months from the stem cell treatment in Panama. A routine MRI was scheduled to keep tabs on Heather’s progress. When she got a call from her doctor and was asked to come in for the results, we knew there was a problem.  
The MRI showed that she still only had the one lesion on her pituitary gland, but there were indications that something much worse was ahead. What her doctor saw was the precursor to something called Schilder’s disease. This is an extremely rare type of MS that has only been diagnosed in 99 people in 100 years. Heather became number 100... (Go here for the full update.)
If you could share Heather's story with your social networks, they would greatly appreciate it.


  1. Yikes. My best wishes to your sister in law.

    I feel your pain about the gloves. Hate it when I'm making something and a hiccup happens and delays finishing.

    1. I'm just glad I didn't end with the snaps. Because the crazy I would go...

  2. I do like the buttonhole indeed better than the snaps. Your poor sister in law; so sad she had to be the 100th one diagnosed with that.


  3. I am glad you found a way for the gloves to work and am looking forward to next week's post. I am so sorry to hear about your sister in law. I never even heard of Schilder's disease. my half-sister has MS but it doesn't seem to be aggressive which is a good thing

    1. Thanks. Glad your half-sister has a milder form of MS. Not a good disease in any case.

  4. My late best friend's sister and my brother in law's sister in law both have MS. It manifests itself differently in these two women; one has (more than once) gobe from remission to a life threatening episode in hours. It is such an unpredictable, horrible condition. Your sister in law will be in my thoughts.

  5. Your sister is in my thoughts! And I do like the button closure better than the snaps. I'm sure your customer will love it!

  6. Yes, I do like those clear buttons. I would wear those gloves. So fashionable! I am so sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. I am praying for her.

    1. Clear buttons were all I had on hand when I decided to use buttons. (It was late at night...)

  7. Good thoughts and prayers for your SIL. Love the buttons on the gloves!

  8. I'm glad you found a solution for your gloves. Gosh, what a horrible thing your sister-in-law is going through. Another terrible disease.

  9. I'm sorry about your sister-in-law :(

  10. Sorry about your sister-in-law.

    It's fun to hear about your creative crochet problem-solving.

    1. Yes, well if the pattern had been... Never mind. Not going to go there.

      And thanks for the good thoughts.

  11. I love reading about your crochet and knitting adventures. I can't wait to see the finished gloves.

    I'm so sorry about your SIL's health problems. I hope she has good results from the next round of treatment.


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