Saturday, June 18, 2011

End of School Year Review

The school year is over. It's time to compile the stats. (I'm not the only one.)

There are usually 180 days in the school year. I'm not sure about that number this year. There were supposed to be a couple furlough days. Most of the school calendars I saw said 180 days total, but then there was one that said 178, so I don't know which number is correct. (And I'm not going to count them. I've done enough counting today.)

I worked 108 days this year. Last year, I worked 104. The difference is surprising. Since I was on all early morning wake up calls (rather than a majority of days scheduled ahead as was my usual), I expected to have worked fewer days.

More specifically, I worked 43 days in high school classes, 22 days in middle school classes, and 41 days at the continuation high school. In case you're checking my math, yes, I'm two off. Those other two days I worked in reentry. That's sort of in the continuation high school, but sort of not.

I also tallied how many days I covered each subject. Since this is boring in paragraph form, I'm just going to make a list:

  • Science: 31 days
    • Biology and life sciences: 9
    • Physics: 6
    • 7th grade: 5
    • 8th grade: 6
  • English: 14 days
  • Social science/history: 27 days
    • Government and/or economics: 11
  • Math: 21 days
    • Algebra 1: 14
    • Calculus: 2
  • Opportunity: 3 days
    • Although, I did cover 5 days of opportunity over the summer. I did not count those days in this list, because this list is school year only.   
  • Miscellany: 10 days
    • Various electives and special ed.  
(If you're still checking my math, you've noticed that I didn't include every specific subject under each bullet point. That would make the list a bit too long.) 

I worked the last day of school but not the first, although my first working day was in the second week of school. I got 26 extra period assignments (down from last year). Some of those were covering another teacher while others were for teachers who didn't have a prep period.  

Any other subs out there? How many days did you work this year?  

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  1. Wow, some stats!

    I can't obtain my stats accurately. Not all mine come up on the substitute website. 1) No ETS time is recorded there, and 2) There were times the school called me, but it didn't get put on the website. (Though it was on my paycheck.)

    I have accurate info from last year, but I don't feel like calculating it. Last year, I didn't have much power over the assignments I took. This year, it's on-line so I can choose jobs when there are a few listed at once.

    Have a good summer!


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